DIY a kitchen for your little one

When we spent tons money on kids doll houses, a Chinese mom made her daughter a very own luxurious cardboard kitchen. It probably has everything a real kitchen has, such as cooker, cupboard, cooker hood, microwave, basin and kitchen tap, and even curtains, coffee machine and vegetables. Although the cooker shown in the below is still looking for a nice ‘wood paint’ , we can all feel the true love coming from the little girl’s Mom.cardboardkitchen01


Cooker made from paper cardboard in such great details!


Cook hood with fans and operation buttons.


A curved tap could take the mum a lot of time to make.


The microwave with timers and a door, and a dish which can move around like a real microwave dish.


And fruit too?!


Very tidy cupboard


Very warm coloured curtain make this little kitchen a sweet place for the little girl to play.


Hand made kitchen cloth is another great piece she made.


Thanks for reading.

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