Furniture Made Of Bike

It is not a new idea of using your recycled bike to make furniture, but you will be amazed when you look at Andy Gregg’s pieces.

Andy Gregg, an artist and bike mechanic, is the founder of Bike Furniture Design, which, simple put, turns steel and aluminium rims, handlebars, and frames  into a piece of art. Andy has been making bike furniture since 1990. ”I am trying to make playful, modern, sometimes even elegant pieces from bike parts. Sometimes I also use train and automobile windows for tabletops, or surplus automotive seat-belt webbing for seating upholstery”, he says.
bikefuniture01 bikefuniture02 bikefuniture03 bikefuniture04 bikefuniture05 bikefuniture06 bikefuniture07 bikefuniture08 bikefuniture09 bikefuniture10 bikefuniture11 bikefuniture12

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