DIY: How To Let Horses Riding On Your Wall

Are you struggling on choose wall paper but hard to find right one? Or feel bored with your plain coloured wall but to expensive to hire a artist to pain charterer wall? Why don’t you paint one by yourself. It’s probably not as hard as you think. Actually, it is very simple.


Only a few things you need: masking tape, a piece of paper and hardboard, mark pens and scissors. 47cf13d35ff1580344876df005299929

1. Find the the pattern, copy it on paper and cut it out ;

2. Stick the pattern on the hardboard and cut it out;

3. Taping the hardboard on the wall by using the masking tape;

4. And get your mark pen ready.

e905c7f5c9e147acd8ed90c5a33c252d (1)


Sometime, it’s very simple to be modern and stylish, isn’t it?

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