Popular Home Design 2015

TThe beauty about popular home design is there is not such a popular design can be everlasting. But there are some hidden patterns about what kind of design might be popular.

Back to past: 50’s and Bohemian style.Classical Baroque are still popular this year.

homesample01 homesample02 homesample03 homesample04

Renew old things.

homesample05 homesample06 homesample07 homesample08 homesample09

The magic of wall paper.

homesample10 homesample11 homesample12 homesample13 homesample14 homesample15

Bare brick walls

homesample16 homesample17 homesample18 homesample19 homesample20 homesample21 homesample22 homesample23 homesample24 homesample25 homesample26

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Moody Aquarium Sink–Washing Hands In A Fish Tank

This lovely sink is designed by Italbrass. It is very unusual. As you can see, it is a sink but also a fish tank. The Aquarium Sink’s top can be removed so that the tank can be cleaned and fish can be fed. The sink has an engine for filtration, water circulation and oxygenation. It also comes with a big light. 🙂

I can’t imagine enough that how scary those fish in the tank would be when someone washes hands just in front of them. I think the fish will go absolutely nuts if the sink is being used.



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Sitting Room Chandelier In Southeast Asia Style

Compare to other sitting room lights, southeast Asia Style has more characters. Let’s have a peek of those classic designs.

First of all, Handmade rattan chandelier. By using natural material rattan, simple but generous, it will match most styles, and  catch people’s eyes at the first sight.


Second one is wood skin chandelier. If you don’t have a big room, this wood chandelier might be your choose. It’s natural and luxury. But the only problem of this is the light might be a little bit dim.


The third one is bamboo chandelier. Very classic material but modern design will make the room full of beguiling tropical flavour.


No. 4, Glass chandelier. This is also good for small sitting room, old fashion but exotic locale.


The last one is metal fan chandelier. Slightly exaggeration design but very handsome.


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Stunning Chinese China–Yue Cleladon

I love arts. I always feel excited when I see those great pieces,especially for the pieces which looks very simple but needs a lot of technic and  knowledge as foundation, such as the china on below.


Woods capricci 1


Woods capricci 2


Tadpole Xianwen Vase



Tea cup


Lotus bowl

Those master pieces are made by Mrs Shizhen, one of the best Chinese china master, who is the third generations of making cleladon in her family. Cleladon is a type of Chinese China named after the colour of the china, cleladon.It started at Han dynasty(BC202~AC220 ),  and Yue Cleladon has be stopped more than 1000 years, since Song dynasty(960~1297). Shizhen is the one who bring the technic ” Mi se” back to life. Mi Se, in my understanding, is the colour of spring water, calm and peaceful.


I want one on my display cabinet. How about you?

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