Gardening: 3 Steps To Plant Longan

I think most of us who love gardening might spend a lot on seeds or plants, but do you know you can have plants for nothing? Today, please allow me show you how to plant Longan by Longan seeds.

Longan is a kind of fruit from Asia, and you can find it in most of supermarket.


This is Longan seed.


1. Put Longan seeds in a bowl, make sure they all covered by water;


2. By a week time, the seeds start sprout, plant them in a plant bed, shoots up.


3. Watering them twice a day,


4.And a month later, you will have this:



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DIY: How To Make A Pineapple Plant

It is very simple to make yourself very own pineapple plant, just follow the step.

1. you need a pineapple, and cut it as the picture below.


2. Cut the edge.

0 (2)

3. Use tooth stick to suspend the pineapple top on a glass of water.

0 (1)

4. Change water everyday until you the root comes out.

0 (3)

5. Move to a pot. Put it on the place which can get a lot sunshine.

0 (4)

6. And if you are lucky enough, you might get a pineapple on the end. ( Considering of the weather in the UK. But if you live in an area full of sunshine, you will have your own pineapple for sure. )

0 (5)

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Spring Time, Gardening Time (3), Chinese Sue Style Gardening

Sue Zhou, a small city in China, is famous of silk and private gardens, you can say it is a representative of private gardens in China.


There’s about 6 elements that classic Chinese garden might have: lake, bridge, different flowers will open in every season, pavilions, rockery, classic Chinese porch and classic Chinese arts.


 Lotus is one of the main choose for those garden with lakes.


Most Chinese garden will plane a few willows around. In china, Seeing willows sprout and waving by wind in spring is the best scene to present spring.


Rockery and classic Chinese pavilions with porch


Classic porch, with roof, so visitors can view the garden in rainy days.


sue7 sue8 sue9 sue10 sue11 sue12

In old time, wealthy families  will invite  a group of Chinese opera artistes to do shows by the water, with audiences sitting on the other side of the lake.


I still remember the wonderful feeling when I was walking around the garden in China. Doesn’t matter how busy you are, you just can’t help yourself to slow down you speed, , being relax and enjoy the beautiful view.

Hope you enjoy. Please come back tomorrow for ”Sitting Room Lights In Southeast Style”.

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Spring Time, Gardening Time (2), Seeing Garden Through Chinese Hand Carved Frame

We have been seeing a lot of beautiful gardens, eastern gardens, western gardens, big gardens, small gardens, but do you have the experience of seeing a garden through hand carved wood frame?
Sue01 Sue02 Sue03 Sue04 Sue05 Sue06 Sue07 Sue08 Sue09 Sue10 Sue11

It’s not the same feeling to see thought those wood frame, is it? It gives me such feeling as we framed the spring and can keep it forever. The wood frame make the views are more like live pictures. Think about if you have a frame like this, then the spring, the summer, the autumn, the winter, are all in your frame. How cool is that?!

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Spring Time, Gardening Time (1)

Finally, we have our spring back! I can’t wait to do some gardening for my small sweet garden. I had a lot of plan, but the pity thing is my garden isn’t big enough for my thoughts. 🙂 Not everybody can have big garden, but it doesn’t mean we can have fun to visit those beautiful garden around the world. Which country you will choose first?

For me, the first country I might choose is Japan. Because the cherry blossoms is whispering ” the spring is here, the spring is here”. Imaging when you are walking under the cherry trees and let pink and white blossom petals rain surround you, let the blossom petals drop on your hand, on the shoulder, or your hair…


When you are tired, take a break, have a cup of tea, and enjoy the flowing steam, wooden bridge, oriental tower, green trees and colourful flowers…

j5 j6 j7 j8 j9Of cause, we can’t miss this, dry landscape.


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Plant A Fairy Land In Your Pot–Micro Bonsai

After a long wet winter, finally, we have our lovely spring back. It’s time to do some gardening and enjoy the sunshine. Doesn’t matter if you have a big garden or not, micro bonsai is always a nice choose to do. Here are some brilliant ideas about it. Hope you enjoy.


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