Re-Toyosaki House Renovation


Architects: Coil Kazuteru Matumura Architects
Location: Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Construction: kimuko corp
Area: 33.0 sqm
Photographs: Yoshiro Masuda

There’s something industrial yet intimate about this project. The internal apparent light structure makes it look almost transparent.

From the architect:

The owner bought an old house and there is not much information about when or who built the house. The only thing we could find was that the house was renovated in the same year as when the Olympics was held in Tokyo: 1964.

Design development took place after the demolition of the interior walls in order to access the condition of the existing structures/MEP. The structure was enhanced to meet the latest code requirements. Also, the insulation was replaced to achieve equivalent quality of new houses as to meet the 4th grade energy saving performance evaluation program requirements in Japan.

The finishes and layout were determined with a…

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DIY Flower Pot By Using Hard Board Box

Do you like the flower pot on below? Do you want to make one by yourself? This flower pot is very simple and easy to make. Please let me show you how.


To make this beautiful flower pot, we need have a hard board box, a few wrapping paper,a sticking tape, a knife and a glue.flowerpot02

Open the box as shown.


Cut the box into 4 pieces.


Connect them by sticking tapes.



Make sure the size is big enough for 2 flower pot.


Tear the wrapping paper into long rectangle shape, and twist it into ropes.

flowerpot08 flowerpot09

Glue those ropes on the hardboard pot.


Job done!


Enjoy your lovely flower pot!

flowerpot12 flowerpot14

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