Light Up Kids Rooms With Colours

Do you feel a little bit bored about pink only or blue only kids bedroom? Then pictures below might worth to have a look.


It’s obviously a girls room with bright sky blue carpet. Who says blue is only for boys.


White room with the big red apple and cute bird cage create an impression of space..


Pink wall, wood bookcase, vantage map and the hexagon patterned blanket, all together, make a such classic but sweet place to be.


Orange frame with wood tree shelf, green bench, cream carpet and pictures of stripy pattern. It does surprise me because it look really good when all the elements combine together.


Blue bean bags and colourful cushion make the room a fun play to be.


It won’t be a bad idea to bright a plain room with a yellow bench and blue rug.


Pink wall, blue shelf and a lovely tent and colourful cushions. What else can we expect?


The wall pattern and the shelf work really well together.

kidsbedrooms10This is my daughter’s favorite. She is fascinated about the yellow bed, pink pillow and frame wall. She is asking me when could we paint our wall in blue and the bed in yellow. LOL.

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Hang a Cloud In Your Room—- Cloud Light By Richard Clarkson Studio

Does anyone had an idea as hanging a cloud in your room? And how about if the cloud is able to light up? Even more, give lightening?Thunder? rainbow coloured? And even more, giving sound by a remote controller?

Cloudlight1 Cloudlight2 Cloudlight3 Cloudlight4 Cloudlight5 Cloudlight6

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