10 Star Hotel?

Some people say it is built by aliens, and the hotel declare itself as 10 star hotel. The hotel at Dubai Arabian Gulf, is a miracle in human architecture history, half on air and half under water and beautiful sea views are just outside of your windows.

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Pink, Pink, Pink!

Some of us might think it is too girly, and some of us might think it is just right colour for them. I’m not a big fan of pink, but I can’t deny this is a beautiful sweet house that every girl dream for.
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16 Weird Building in China

As one of the fast developing country, China has high achievement on constructing buildings. They showed the world a  lot piece of great works, such as Water Cube, the Nest, Temple of Heaven etc. But sometime things probably will go to opposite way.

1. New building of People’s Daily, one of the biggest newspaper company in China.
I’m trying to say something about it, but the only word pop out  in my mind is “ What the …’’


2.Louis Vuitton in Shanghai
I’m confused. Is LV a brand for bags? Or shoes?


3.Art gallery in Hefei, China
They say they get the idea from the design of the Nest, the Olympic venue in Beijing. But I’m doubting if this building has been finished.


4. Money Building in Money shape. And it belongs to a bank.


5. This one has a nickname ” Bra”. How cool is that?


6. Circle of the Life.


7. This one’s nickname is ” Toilet Ring”. The official name is Sheraton Hotel in Huzhou.


8.Xingchuang Building in Beijing. Twisted can?


9.Buddha Hotel, Herbei. Who wants the room on the top and who wants the bottom?


10.Shanghai Center, Jinmao Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center
Top 3 highest building in Shanghai. And they have their very own nick name as bottle opener, injector and mixer.


11. 3 Instant Noodle bowl in a pile.


  1. Alcohol Building which belong to an alcohol company.


13 Olympic Park, Huainan. Ping pang or a bottle of Chivas? 😉


14 Building of Pangudaguan, Beijing.
They say they were trying to make a dragon, but things didn’t work out like they planed.


15. One of the most famous building in China. It belongs to the China Central Television, the national broadcast company. But every Chinese call it ‘shorts’. 🙂


16. And here comes the ”Pants”. 🙂


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