Stunning Chinese China–Yue Cleladon

I love arts. I always feel excited when I see those great pieces,especially for the pieces which looks very simple but needs a lot of technic and  knowledge as foundation, such as the china on below.


Woods capricci 1


Woods capricci 2


Tadpole Xianwen Vase



Tea cup


Lotus bowl

Those master pieces are made by Mrs Shizhen, one of the best Chinese china master, who is the third generations of making cleladon in her family. Cleladon is a type of Chinese China named after the colour of the china, cleladon.It started at Han dynasty(BC202~AC220 ),  and Yue Cleladon has be stopped more than 1000 years, since Song dynasty(960~1297). Shizhen is the one who bring the technic ” Mi se” back to life. Mi Se, in my understanding, is the colour of spring water, calm and peaceful.


I want one on my display cabinet. How about you?

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