Sitting Room Chandelier In Southeast Asia Style

Compare to other sitting room lights, southeast Asia Style has more characters. Let’s have a peek of those classic designs.

First of all, Handmade rattan chandelier. By using natural material rattan, simple but generous, it will match most styles, and  catch people’s eyes at the first sight.


Second one is wood skin chandelier. If you don’t have a big room, this wood chandelier might be your choose. It’s natural and luxury. But the only problem of this is the light might be a little bit dim.


The third one is bamboo chandelier. Very classic material but modern design will make the room full of beguiling tropical flavour.


No. 4, Glass chandelier. This is also good for small sitting room, old fashion but exotic locale.


The last one is metal fan chandelier. Slightly exaggeration design but very handsome.


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