Popular Home Design 2015

TThe beauty about popular home design is there is not such a popular design can be everlasting. But there are some hidden patterns about what kind of design might be popular.

Back to past: 50’s and Bohemian style.Classical Baroque are still popular this year.

homesample01 homesample02 homesample03 homesample04

Renew old things.

homesample05 homesample06 homesample07 homesample08 homesample09

The magic of wall paper.

homesample10 homesample11 homesample12 homesample13 homesample14 homesample15

Bare brick walls

homesample16 homesample17 homesample18 homesample19 homesample20 homesample21 homesample22 homesample23 homesample24 homesample25 homesample26

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Yum, Yum, Yum House

I believe these house are belong to fairy tails, because they are too good to be true. Enjoy!
0 (1)

Onion house

0 (3)

pumpkin house. Please check rightmove for details. 🙂

0 (4)Cheery house

0 (5)

broccoli house

0 (6)

cheery houses

0 (7)

Griffel Tower

0 (8)

Grape houses

0 (9)

Apple house.

0 (10)

Broccoli house


Pumpkin house


Sydney Fruitra house


Granada fruit house


Pineapple house


pea house


avocado house


Green apple house


Pear house


Cheese and mango house


Apricot house


Mushroom house

Architecture_09 (1)


Banana house

Architecture_11Mushroom house


Pear house


Egg houses




Mushroom house


Pumpkin again


Fish house


Sidney orange house

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Build A Study Corner For Your Kids

No one can deny that reading is a very important ability for kids. But helping them build up the habit is not a easy job, it might take long time. It will make things a lot of easier by providing your kids a good study environment, such as study room, bookshelves.


Turn a whole wall into bookshelves, suitable for older kids having a lot of book


Dish display, a perfect bookshelf for young kids


Bookshelves made of rain diverter


Using small kitchen shelves to make small book shelves, suitable for small kids small room.


Using old curtain, old sheets with long sticks, very pretty bookshelves


This is my favorite– a small loft with a window. Imaging yourself is reading in there, without any disturbing, but  the sunlight surround you, peace and warm. How wonderful is that!


This is perfect for kids who like hide and read. 🙂


Small room


Catalog books by colours might make reading more fun

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Sofas And Some Others

Book Sofa

640&wxfrom=5 (1)

Frog sofa bed

640&wxfrom=5 (2)

Shark Sofa

640&wxfrom=5 (3)

Egg sofa

640&wxfrom=5 (4)

Long tongue chair

640&wxfrom=5 (5)

Family Rocking Chair

640&wxfrom=5 (6)

Bite me!

640&wxfrom=5 (7)

Bit me!

640&wxfrom=5 (8)

sumo coffee table

640&wxfrom=5 (9)

Brain sofa


Rice ball bean bag


Please feel free to design his hair.

640&wxfrom=5 (10)

OK, this one is a little bit strong taste to me.

640&wxfrom=5 (11)

Not my style, but it’s brilliant.

640&wxfrom=5 (12)

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Furniture Made Of Bike

It is not a new idea of using your recycled bike to make furniture, but you will be amazed when you look at Andy Gregg’s pieces.

Andy Gregg, an artist and bike mechanic, is the founder of Bike Furniture Design, which, simple put, turns steel and aluminium rims, handlebars, and frames  into a piece of art. Andy has been making bike furniture since 1990. ”I am trying to make playful, modern, sometimes even elegant pieces from bike parts. Sometimes I also use train and automobile windows for tabletops, or surplus automotive seat-belt webbing for seating upholstery”, he says.
bikefuniture01 bikefuniture02 bikefuniture03 bikefuniture04 bikefuniture05 bikefuniture06 bikefuniture07 bikefuniture08 bikefuniture09 bikefuniture10 bikefuniture11 bikefuniture12

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A House Full Of ”Vitamins”

This terrace house is located at Paddington, Australia, renovated by Luigi Rosselli, which well explain the definition of essential of life: sunshine, water, green plant and art. Luigi call them the” Vitamins OF Life”.


Paddington Terrace House, designed by Luigi Rosselli.  paddington2 paddington3 paddington4 paddington5 paddington6 paddington7

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