Gardening: 3 Steps To Plant Longan

I think most of us who love gardening might spend a lot on seeds or plants, but do you know you can have plants for nothing? Today, please allow me show you how to plant Longan by Longan seeds.

Longan is a kind of fruit from Asia, and you can find it in most of supermarket.


This is Longan seed.


1. Put Longan seeds in a bowl, make sure they all covered by water;


2. By a week time, the seeds start sprout, plant them in a plant bed, shoots up.


3. Watering them twice a day,


4.And a month later, you will have this:



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DIY: How To Let Horses Riding On Your Wall

Are you struggling on choose wall paper but hard to find right one? Or feel bored with your plain coloured wall but to expensive to hire a artist to pain charterer wallÔľü Why don’t you paint one by yourself. It’s probably not as hard as you think. Actually, it is very simple.


Only a few things you need: masking tape, a piece of paper and hardboard, mark pens and scissors. 47cf13d35ff1580344876df005299929

1. Find the the pattern, copy it on paper and cut it out ;

2. Stick the pattern on the hardboard and cut it out;

3. Taping the hardboard on the wall by using the masking tape;

4. And get your mark pen ready.

e905c7f5c9e147acd8ed90c5a33c252d (1)


Sometime, it’s very simple to be modern and stylish,¬†isn’t it?

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Furniture Made Of Bike

It is not a new idea of using your recycled bike to make furniture, but you will be amazed when you look at Andy Gregg’s pieces.

Andy Gregg, an artist and bike mechanic, is the¬†founder of Bike Furniture Design, which, simple put, turns steel and aluminium rims, handlebars, and¬†frames ¬†into a piece of art. Andy has been making bike furniture since 1990.¬†”I am trying to make playful, modern, sometimes even elegant pieces from bike parts. Sometimes I also use train and automobile windows for tabletops, or surplus automotive seat-belt webbing for seating upholstery‚ÄĚ, he says.
bikefuniture01 bikefuniture02 bikefuniture03 bikefuniture04 bikefuniture05 bikefuniture06 bikefuniture07 bikefuniture08 bikefuniture09 bikefuniture10 bikefuniture11 bikefuniture12

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DIY Flower Pot By Using Hard Board Box

Do you like the flower pot on below? Do you want to make one by yourself? This flower pot is very simple and easy to make. Please let me show you how.


To make this beautiful flower pot, we need have a hard board box, a few wrapping paper,a sticking tape, a knife and a glue.flowerpot02

Open the box as shown.


Cut the box into 4 pieces.


Connect them by sticking tapes.



Make sure the size is big enough for 2 flower pot.


Tear the wrapping paper into long rectangle shape, and twist it into ropes.

flowerpot08 flowerpot09

Glue those ropes on the hardboard pot.


Job done!


Enjoy your lovely flower pot!

flowerpot12 flowerpot14

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Say goodbye to holes on the wall — How to make your very own Mark-free wall mounted system

Feel a bit headache on the holes left on the wall after moving away your wall mounted staff like TV, shelves or even pegs? Magnektik helps us to solve the problem. There won’t be any hole on the wall if you want to mount anything. The best part is that you can even rearrange the layout of the wall by moving things around. Literally drag and drop!



Rearrange the look and feel of the wall behind your sofa is a piece of cake.


The basic idea is quite simple. Stick metal pieces on the wall and use heavy duty magnifies to help holding things.
This is how the magic is crafted.


This is the heavy duty magnify they designed for Magnektik.


See the invisible wall in action!



Kids will love decorating their bedrooms!



Even wardrobe doors!


It’s a brilliant invention and hope it can give you some idea about home decoration.

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DIY a kitchen for your little one

When we spent tons money on kids doll houses, a Chinese mom made her daughter a very own luxurious cardboard kitchen. It probably has everything a real kitchen has, such as cooker, cupboard, cooker hood, microwave, basin and kitchen tap, and even curtains, coffee machine and vegetables. Although the cooker shown in the below is still looking for a nice ‚Äėwood paint‚Äô , we can all feel the true love coming from the little girl‚Äôs Mom.cardboardkitchen01


Cooker made from paper cardboard in such great details!


Cook hood with fans and operation buttons.


A curved tap could take the mum a lot of time to make.


The microwave with timers and a door, and a dish which can move around like a real microwave dish.


And fruit too?!


Very tidy cupboard


Very warm coloured curtain make this little kitchen a sweet place for the little girl to play.


Hand made kitchen cloth is another great piece she made.


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