Call yourself EXPERT If You Know 3 Of Them

The flowers below are very rare, so if you can recognize 3 of them, please call yourself expert. Enjoy!

flower31 flower01 flower02 flower03 flower04 flower05 flower06 flower07 flower08 flower09 flower10 flower11 flower12 flower13 flower14 flower15 flower16 flower17 flower18 flower19 flower20 flower21 flower22 flower23 flower24 flower25 flower27 flower29 flower28 flower30 flower26

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Spring Time, Gardening Time (2), Seeing Garden Through Chinese Hand Carved Frame

We have been seeing a lot of beautiful gardens, eastern gardens, western gardens, big gardens, small gardens, but do you have the experience of seeing a garden through hand carved wood frame?
Sue01 Sue02 Sue03 Sue04 Sue05 Sue06 Sue07 Sue08 Sue09 Sue10 Sue11

It’s not the same feeling to see thought those wood frame, is it? It gives me such feeling as we framed the spring and can keep it forever. The wood frame make the views are more like live pictures. Think about if you have a frame like this, then the spring, the summer, the autumn, the winter, are all in your frame. How cool is that?!

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