We Love Single Life—Bachelor’s House in China(2)

This house belongs to a girl who is born in 80’s. She is not a designer. She is an ordinary girl loves her home very much, just like us. As she said it is not  perfect or stylish, but it is home!  Enjoy!


Traditional tea set and vantage vase


Handmade tea set.


This is a special designed sitting room corner which has massive storage space. The picture below shows how it works.


bachelor37 bachelor38 bachelor33 bachelor36 bachelor32 bachelor30 bachelor25 bachelor26 bachelor29 bachelor28

Hand painted basin


Luxury wood bath

bachelor22 bachelor19 bachelor18 bachelor17 bachelor23 bachelor24 bachelor21

Through the details of the house from the pictures, you can feel the strong love for the house and for the family.

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Hang a Cloud In Your Room—- Cloud Light By Richard Clarkson Studio

Does anyone had an idea as hanging a cloud in your room? And how about if the cloud is able to light up? Even more, give lightening?Thunder? rainbow coloured? And even more, giving sound by a remote controller?

Cloudlight1 Cloudlight2 Cloudlight3 Cloudlight4 Cloudlight5 Cloudlight6

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