How Much For a Custom Children Bedroom Set In China?

I have a friend, who live in Shanghai, just had her daughter’s bedroom renovated. She’s very happy with the result. And she showed every friend the room and the cost of it. I was really impressed about the quality and the price. By that price probably for a custom children bed, you can have a whole custom kid’s bedroom set, including a bed, a wardrobe, etc. The pictures on below are from the website this friend recommended. The number on the right bottom is the asking price from the company. But my friend said even this price is negotiable. What annoying friend! LOL

custom1 custom2 custom3 custom4 custom5

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Kids room furniture that every kid dreams for

For your pockets safety, please make sure your kids are not with you if you don’t want buy one for them. LOL.

I call them wonderland furniture, because they are too cute to be true. I still remember when my kids saw them, their mouth kept like ”O” for very long time. Designed by Straight Line Design INC, but they are not ”straight line” furniture at all. LOL

kidsfurniture1 kidsfurniture2 kidsfurniture3 kidsfurniture4 kidsfurniture5 kidsfurniture6 kidsfurniture7 kidsfurniture8 kidsfurniture9 kidsfurniture10 kidsfurniture11 kidsfurniture12 kidsfurniture13 kidsfurniture14

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