Sofas And Some Others

Book Sofa

640&wxfrom=5 (1)

Frog sofa bed

640&wxfrom=5 (2)

Shark Sofa

640&wxfrom=5 (3)

Egg sofa

640&wxfrom=5 (4)

Long tongue chair

640&wxfrom=5 (5)

Family Rocking Chair

640&wxfrom=5 (6)

Bite me!

640&wxfrom=5 (7)

Bit me!

640&wxfrom=5 (8)

sumo coffee table

640&wxfrom=5 (9)

Brain sofa


Rice ball bean bag


Please feel free to design his hair.

640&wxfrom=5 (10)

OK, this one is a little bit strong taste to me.

640&wxfrom=5 (11)

Not my style, but it’s brilliant.

640&wxfrom=5 (12)

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