A Chinese detached house, FINISHED within 50 days!

This is a detached house in North of Beijing, 266 m2, with 5 bedrooms, 3 sitting rooms, 2 bathroom and a kitchen. It cost them about 235,088 RMB (about £23,508.8), including the decoration and the design. £23,508 and in 50 days for 13 rooms! I’m doubting if there’s any company can do the job here. LOL


Solid wood frame in Chinese traditional patterns separate the dinning room and sitting room perfectly and without block the light. They are not walls, but better than walls.




Again, the traditional wood frame along with all the traditional Chinese furniture, painting and bright colour cushions make the small sitting corner a warm but luxury place.




The lotus picture on the wall is hand painted. Thank about the number of the days they spent on this project. It’s brilliant.


This is the land plan of the house. Hope you enjoy!

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